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ForYou Early Years Course,
Early Years Programmes.

Learn and play in the great outdoors – suitable for young people aged 3 to 11 years

Learn and play in the great outdoors – Suitable for young people aged 3 to 11 years

Gro for You outdoor rooms create a safe and inspiring environment for children to learn new things and express themselves. We have a mixture of outdoor growing areas and rustic play zones and can also work with you to create unique growing spaces. Children will learn about where their food comes from by eating what they grow and together we will discover different wildlife and their habitats and look at what we can do to protect them and our planet. Children will embark on a playful journey of self-discovery as we plant the seeds and watch them grow and flourish.


  • Increased emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing
  • Awareness of where our food comes from
  • Self-exploration and awareness
  • Increased creativity and problem solving

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