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Foundation Apprenticeship,
Food & Drink Technologies.

This course will give you an overview of the structure of
Food and Drink manufacturing industry from field to table.

1 Higher Equivalent 

Food Science – You will develop a knowledge and understanding of the chemical composition and nutritional properties of various foods and investigate the legislation that is associated with the food and drink manufacturing industry, including the relevant microbiology and food safety aspects.

Food Production – You will learn about the structure of the food and drink manufacturing industry from field to table, investigating the processing and manufacturing operations undertaken in a range of sectors (dairy, meat, fish, shellfish, bakery, confectionary, drinks).

Enterprise – You will explore the ‘Business’ of farming, food and drink, looking at food enterprise and how consumers influence the industry and how in turn the industry influences consumers.

Sustainability – You will discover what it means to live sustainably in order to protect resources, people and our planet now and in the future. You will be investigating how sustainability is impacting the farming, food & drink industries from raw materials, the finished product to distribution.’

SVQ – Apprenticeship in the workplace.

Candidate Requirements

  • Currently studying or working towards Level 5 in English, Maths or Science.
  • Having an interest in Food and Drink is essential. An interest in Science, Bio-Chemistry and Business would be advantageous.


This is now a one year course and you must make sure there is enough time committed in your timetable to enable you to get through to completion. We can liaise with your school to make sure this will work for you.


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