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About the Farmer Jones Academy

How did it all start?

Richard Jones has been involved in farming all his life. He took on his father’s farm from a young age and had to teach himself how to run a successful farming business.

His early experience of the industry and the benefits of practical farming have spurred him on to inspire and encourage more young people into the world of agriculture, food and drink, building on the already established Famer Jones brand.


What do we do?

There is a huge skills shortage within farming, food and drink industries and we believe that the future success of these rely heavily on our young people.

Using our skilled team of staff, we provide hands-on industry specific training and development courses to secondary school pupils throughout the north of Scotland.

We work closely with schools to build relationships with pupils and teachers, creating growing spaces to give students hands-on experience through to practical business skills such as market research, brand awareness and web-design.

We are currently recruting for Food and Drink Technologies Foundation Apprenticeships which is equivalent to 2 Higher qualifications or more. See our courses page for more information.




Why do we do it?

We aim to fully equip the next generation as our future entrepreneurs with knowledge, passion and networks to enhance their career opportunities within Scotland, or the skills and drive to cultivate their own businesses.

All of our programs provide a safe and inspiring place for youth to explore and develop, helping to improve their well-being, increase confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

We aim to combat rural deprivation by creating positive destinations for youth at risk of unemployment.

The Farmer Jones Academy is a Community Interest Company where any profits made by the organisation will be reinvested into on-going development.


To find out more about our courses, please contact Ashley Ross